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Performance score for this pod is 91 out of 100
Detected language of this pod is English

Uptime since we started monitoring this pod 34 months ago is 99.44 percent
Response Time from our monitoring server in Los Angeles is 155 milliseconds
This pod has 4060 total users with 2672 active the last 6 months, users have posted 34195 times and commented 10038 times
Users rate this pod 1 out of 10
Services this pod offers are: twitter, xmpp

Server Country: Netherlands
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Server Latitude: 52.3824
Server Longitude: 4.8995

The host of the pod would like you to know
Gibberfish, Inc is a committed all-volunteer nonprofit based in the US with the goal of developing easy-to-use online tools for activists, organizers, and human rights defenders which offer strong privacy and accessible encryption without the need for in-depth technical knowledge. Further, we aim to provide hosting for these tools at zero cost, so the people who need them most can focus all of their limited resources towards making a positive impact.

We are sponsoring this pod to help further those ideals. Please check out our website and consider making a donation to support this pod and our greater global mission. You can also set up automated micro-donations through Liberapay to help sustain our operations.

All data on this pod is protected with AES256 full-disk encryption, and we will never share your data with third parties.

The pod is also available as a Tor hidden service at http://hvuzry6mcdmrj7hq.onion

Website: https://gibberfish.org
Email: [email protected]
PGP: CCAE 65AF C633 9076 FC5C 1411 6913 C81C 66F3 C35D
Donate: https://gibberfish.org/donate or https://liberapay.com/gibberfish