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This friendica pod/node runs software version 2019.06
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Services this pod/node offers are: blogger, dreamwidth, gnusocial, linkedin, pinterest, pumpio, smtp, twitter

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I/O Stream Friendica | Friendly Open Network*~~ 'I/O Stream Friendica is a new kind of a friendica instance giving you your daily In- & Output, have fun!!'~~ ##We are using the Fido theme (based on Bootstrap) with some tweaks to make the user experience more comfortable## ~~No Logs - No Bullshit - fast as a greyhound on speed~~ Open to everyone who is nice ~~We are running on a dedicated server in Germany and using Cloudflare for CDN, IPV6 to IPV4 and security~~ ##### Own UPTIME PAGES:::: https://status.i-o.stream :::: http://status2.i-o.stream

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